The Most Popular REL T Subwoofers Can be in Your Hands Starting Today

Looking at the many different REL subwoofers on the market may be an exhausting way to spend your time, but with a condensed vision of what they provide can help you in making the correct choice for your home. I think that having high performance bass and sound should be a priority for anyone who wants to have an experience that they will not soon forget.

That is why this name is widely thrown around when the subject of bass is mentioned. Attention to detail is something that this company personally attends to and is why they are the brand for your sound system. Continue reading and you will discover amazing facts about the T1-T3 series.

Comparing the T-1 to Many Other Grades of Subwoofers

Superb quality is what people are looking for and you will not always get it at your local electronics store with many other competitor names. Most people tend to trade volume for quality and end up paying the price figuratively and literally. This doesn’t have to be the case as long as you do your research. That is where the REL T-1 comes into play because it will not sacrifice any quality just for a louder sound.

This is how these systems differ from many of the other more popular brands. The other great thing is that high frequencies will not be picked up by the subs and you can enjoy low sounds that reach 30 Hz. With that in mind you cannot find any other company that implements this kind of sound for a great price. With built in amplifiers, current protection, temperature protection, and many other safety features the T-1 makes a superb addition to your collection.

Subtle Differences That Occur Within the T-2 Series Models by REL

The one thing that is very different with these models is that the higher number you go the lower the wattage becomes. All the other previous models were actually the exact opposite. When you finally decide on the exact subwoofer that you would like to have in your home make sure that you check out all the specs that are provided.

This will be important for your final purchase of the specific speakers you need. Even though the wattage changes the quality that is provided will still be as high as possible. The exact dimensions of the T-2 measuring from weight, height, and depth equal 14.75 x 13.2 x 15.5. This is good for an averaged sized room and may even be good for a dorm room showing off the amazing sound and bass that protrudes from the 8”driver.

Some Things about the T-3 Model

Just like its two brothers it will come with pretty much the same characteristics minus the smaller dimensions along with two 8” drivers instead of the 8 and 10 or the two 10’s. This would be better for someone who is looking for good sound but one that doesn’t take up that much space.

If you lack the space in your home then you should think about any of these subwoofers as they are compact enough to store in a closet if you had to. I wouldn’t recommend it as it wouldn’t be serving its purpose. Remember that you can always get them in three different color schemes to match your home and they include black, cherry, and white.

Some facts about these REL T subwoofers should be known if you are going to make the decision with choosing one that fits your style today.


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