Finding Out The Facts About REL R Series Model Subwoofers

It has been known that subwoofers are what makes up the bulk of your home theater system because it allows you to hear the lower frequency ranges that other normal speakers are not able to do. What you may not know is that many mainline ones can only get midranges as well which will make your experience not a good one.

REL subwoofers are able to get into these low ranges and will be able to have you hear those sounds making watching movies and listening to music much more enjoyable. Once you understand the different R series models you will be able to hear how they can help you immediately. In this article we will discuss REL R-218, R-328, and R-528.

Making These Models Much More Affordable for the Avid Enthusiast

The great thing about the R series models is that they are becoming more affordable along with much more power and sound being produced by them. With the R-218 you will have sound that is not heard much around the world, but will become more popular with the cheaper prices that they are starting to receive. These were created to be more compact and available to bring you more bass that will give you an activity that will be better enhanced.

Watching movies with the incorrect bass will be heard from you and you can tell that it is not right making it more poor experience. With a 10” driver along with a stat of the art digital amplifier integrated with the R-218 subwoofer will give you a much more powerful bass sound that is noticeable. With a great looking piece of equipment it can be placed within your home making it something that many will not notice and if they do they will envy the shiny lacquer placed on them for an amazing feel.

Using the R-328 for Your Theater

This is a much better upgrade from the previous R-218 described earlier in this article and is equipped with a 10” driver that has the capability of handling much more power than previous designs. It is said that sixty percent more power can be handled by this driver compared to the others created. The amplifier is also upgraded to a 350 wattage power sucker that can bring the power when it is needed to the appropriate drivers. It is able to handle incredible power that you would not see in any other models of these products.

The Last Model You Will Need to Know

The next one will be the R-528 and this is one that can give superlative sound and slam that you are looking for in any home cinema. This is the best in sound compared to the others in this series accompanied with a 12” driver along with a system known as VariCone which allows the model to produce superior power whenever it is called for it not sacrificing any quality or power. This driver has the best response out of any others on the market giving you supreme quality that you are looking to have watching movies. The amplifier is also increased to 500 watts compared to the previous ones that don’t even compare to this subwoofer.

This is some basic information on the REL R series models that are great and affordable to have in your home today.


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