The G1 and G2 Series REL Subwoofers Will Bring a New Home Theater Experience

When it comes to sound especially with bass there is only one company that you should think of during this situation and that is REL subwoofers. They offer one of the best in quality and in sound with amazing clarity that can be heard when you listen to them alone. There are several series that are produced through this company that are available online through various retailers.

If you want to discover some of the best types this company has to offer you need to read this entire article. You will discover a few types that are popular for the home theater system and you can be turning them on today and enjoy the incredible sound that these speakers will give you.

The G1 Bass System Series

I first would like to discuss the G1 bass system series created for the enjoyment of your home theater or whatever other means you would like to have great sound. With its ruggedness it packs a 600 watt amplified carbon fiber woofer that can crank out much bass then you can imagine. Although this particular series has a rugged exterior it still has the ability to play incredible bass levels that are not heard by other mainline types. If you want clarity and powerful sound you should look into using the G1 for your home. The investment will be worth it and you will hear it for yourself when you get one of these right away.

A Cheaper Priced G2 Series REL Subwoofer

If you are not ready to commit to a high priced speaker or bass you may think about one of the other models in this series also known as G2. Instead of containing a large carbon fiber driver 12” long it will be a little bit smaller producing not as much power as the previously discussed model. It still can pack quite a punch at 10” long and with 450 watts to back it up.

Just like the previous one it is encased in a lavish furniture looking box. It is finished with a shiny black polish that makes it blend in with your home theater room or living room making it the ideal for any modern day home without sticking out like a sore thumb. This REL subwoofer would make a great addition to any home family theater making movies much more entertaining and fun to watch.

Features of Both the G1 and G2 Series

There are a few features that you should know about this bass equipment before you go off to buy them. It is always important to take a look at the size and specifications that they have including how high they will turn out sound with correct decibels. With both of them putting out about 80 db the G1 model is able to hit a much lower frequency making it much more accurate when giving off sound of amazing clarity.

Since they are both colored black you should take this into account when looking for the right place to put it in your home or apartment. Make sure that it will not be a hassle since they weigh about 84 to over 100 pounds. Determine where to place them that they will stay for a long time because you don’t want to be moving these speakers any time soon.

This is just some basic information about REL subwoofers and how you can incorporate them into your home theater starting today.


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