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Take a Closer Look at The Various REL Subwoofer Models

Getting good bass in any home is something that has become a hobby for most people now with the invention of home surround sound. It is great having this kind of sound in any home built theater because of the enjoyment it can bring you and your family. Having high and powerful bass is a simple element in many complete speaker packages that you can purchase at your local electronic store. The right bass equipment is one thing that people don’t think about and it is essential that you are using the appropriate one.

One particular sound system you will learn all about is the REL Subwoofers. These are some of the most unique electronics which you can get for your home bringing all the highest bass you could ever dream of. In this article you will discover the different models from which are available and how they will suit any type of home theater that you want. Getting the most out of these items is what you should understand so that you can easily enjoy them for many years to come.



G1 and G2 Series Subwoofers

These specific types are the most powerful that this company has to offer any home audiophile who wants supreme and amazing bass in their home. Also known as the Gibraltar series these are also the newest in the line of great REL subwoofers that this company has to offer. The output of power far exceeds any other type of speakers that are on the market. They output about 600 watts of pure bass that can overwhelm any person that is looking to hook up their home theater with the best bass.

What makes these two some of the best is the fact that they do not increase the bass sound while sacrificing quality. Most are unable to produce this type of power and still keep the original clarity that was meant to be enjoyed by people like you. They have a much larger carbon fiber unit that measures 12 inches and is capable of creating a stroke of 1 ¾ inches. For more information regarding these unique bass suppliers check out this webpage right now.

Overview of The REL R Subwoofers

The next model that you should get some information on would be the R models. There are precisely three models that are in this line which consist of the R-528, R-328, and the R-218. These models are not as powerful as the G series but can pack quite a punch when you turn them on for the very first time. The R-218 is the lowest value in this family and is capable of producing about 250 watts of power which is significantly lower than the previously discussed ones, but are still more powerful than any setup you can get at your local store.

The R-328 and R-528 are more similar in specifications than with the 218 model. They both contain a multiple firing radiator and it is not installed within the R-218. The 10 inch driver is provided in the 328 and offers superior sound and bass that you can use for your entertainment. The 528 contains an even greater 12 inch fiber driver which is similar to G series except without the same power output. It can achieve up to 500 watts which is much greater than the 328 only providing 350 watts. Find out exactly how each one of these models differs from one another right here.

The More Affordable T Series REL Subwoofers

If you are in search of a great item that is more affordable and reasonable for any home, then you have come to the right place. The T series come in four different models that include the T-9, T-7, T-5, and the all new T-zero. The point of creating these specific models was to offer superior quality at a low and cost effective price for the average person. If you think that these are not able to offer you the same superior clarity that the others have, then you are wrong. These are just as impeccable as the others and can be in your hands right away. Get more information on these affordable REL models by clicking on this link.